BCG Starts

The next step on the journey was to start BCG treatment as quickly as possible.
BCG is the same live culture used to treat Tuberculosis.
The culture is injected directly into the bladder via a catheter. It sits in the bladder for two hours and triggers the body’s immune system to attack the cancer.
Unfortunately, my first BCG went really badly and my body had a violent reaction (although I understand from talking to others, that this is not unusual).
I was in so much pain with my bladder that I had to call an ambulance. I was admitted to the clinical decisions unit and given some really strong pain killers.
Unfortunately, I then got an infection from the treatment and ended up in the ED again, two days later.

Once things had settled down a little, I was placed on steroids and antibiotics. Because the BCG is a live culture, they were concerned that it may have leaked through the bladder wall into other parts of my body.

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