Launch TRL 2019 Season

Official Launch TRL 2019 season



The official launch of the TRL 2019 season.

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Obee 0:48
Good day. Obee be here for power TV and Toowoomba rugby league in Queens in rugby league and we’re here at the launch of the season for the hundred years.

celebrations and it’s a pleasure to have chairman of the Toowoomba Rugby League Brian Gilroy. You’ve been looking forward to this year for a while now haven’t you?

Brian 1:07
Yea we have actually since I sort of became chairman that we’ve been talking about the three, four years and now now it’s getting a bit closer say it’s get a bit real, and that’s something to look forward to. I think it’s a real opportunity for us to celebrate a lot of really good stuff that’s happening 100 years in tomorrow below

Obee 1:23
And look, you’ve left no stone unturned the last year in your preparation shows and the itinerary that’s coming into next season. Launch of a book you’ve got the season starting proper where we’re at work for the good writers, they tell us what’s happening in the insurance.

Brian 1:42
Yeah, the first time on the field will be in very 16th next year. Broncos applying a traumatic boring we’re playing the two couldn’t rises. It’s also represented so it’s against West from Brisbane, which is coincidentally a game that was played in 90

when when which kind of trauma to play in your first year in operation so that that that

Obee 2:06
and in the end the week after is the all star game here L stands is the CBC News on again what a fantastic and

Brian 2:12
that was last year right game last year the year before the break we’re going to look it so it’s good footy the indigenous boys very passionate about their images unit. So Stephanie from try later on. My grip was interested. So it’s a good fiction sets on every 23 at Kohlberg over studying there’s also an women’s game and there’s an underwriting game and under 16 games, I should be good day 45 season off

Obee 2:37
and went into the season proper. And if you’re going to function on that first weekend, where the the the foundation clubs, valleys and brothers are going to be playing,

Brian 2:49
we know quite accurately that the tumor I believe was formed on the 24th of March naughty naughty, and then of course just a Sunday on the first weekend of your fictious. We’re having a function that carbon co museum birthday party if you look on Friday night and then on Sunday or Saturday can remain brothers applying validate it and they said they said I guy I’m also toying with maybe starting the season if we’re looking at Newtown perhaps could join the competition and I’m toying with the idea of maybe having a Thursday night game this season with it with new template so I would just few thoughts

Obee 3:24
go ahead another exciting things happening at sec die we see on the list this year. That’s been a idea of yours for a couple of seasons now hasn’t

Brian 3:33
been has, we have talked about it. And this year, it It fell pretty coincidental. It’s a Thursday close to weekend so it’s also the week after Easter sent out no one’s having the backup from the week before. So it’s sort of ideally fill this year for us and getting and pizza but what the hands up so they have a big presence on ANZAC Day in it. But the communities that are very keen to run those games. So there’s going to be two rounds of pictures on the Thursday the 25th and there’s a book coming out as well

Obee 4:04
once a book launch Brian and I know that you’ve been heavily involved with

Brian 4:08

I’m still working on it is and I’m hoping to launch it at that at the very first function on on in March. So

Obee 4:15
all very exciting. Now I know that you are really huge historian Brian, what’s your favorite piece set? Oh, I know you probably have a few. But what really sticks in mind for you after you’ve done all this research?

Brian 4:30
I think the normal 2424 sword is really too much clicking on 1925 and it’s all downhill from there. But I picked it we had a solid here in

didn’t lose a game maybe in England, a bit New South Wales retail Sydney, innovative switch Brisbane, you know, they want to go in and out of that team. I think six

in the Australian top 100 replies and all those six for my the Queensland mess 17 so out of one little in a community at the time, which was probably 24 hours. So that’s a hotline invite I’m here.

I think the 1996 Queensland cut when it was it was a really big thing you know in the Tom

Obee 5:20
little bit and 2001 what my favorite time is is when Barry mujer came up here in the late 60s or the midst and this was the place to come because everyone wanted to come and catch play and the Duncan Thompson Muslim

Brian 5:34
I did so and

I think if if you’re looking for a spark for trauma I think your arrival in town that can Thompson was just was a real key to the next 40 years of normal football almost yeah and it can be quite coincidently with the serendipity actually

Obee 5:53
and Mattson Rasmussen weekend that’s the dinner the hundred year a formal dinner isn’t it

Brian 6:00
having a formal dinner at which we’re looking to start our well which we should have had probably start a whole time you were looking to probably induct for that night also looking at maybe having a local legends type thing where he clubs be able to nominate not not so much pleasure achieved on the people who tuned on the field with maybe good work is off to Paris good boy players who played in 20 years for for the for the club and those sorts of supplies you might come into consideration in terms of the applying record but you know who really valuable contribution to club you know and

every cloud automation as you know as you as you get an A plus because you talked to a lot of them you know that

Obee 6:39
me personally I think when valleys play brothers in that first round it’s going to be a very proud moment for the Hall of

Brian 6:46
copy rugby league community I think so too and of course by those clubs are having their own celebrations as well

Obee 6:52
yes yeah valleys and brothers later on in the

Brian 6:55
valleys nothing my living and they’re having a big function at deploy Bergen presented with the university

Obee 7:02
I’ll be here for power TV and QRL and TRL chairman. We’re at the hundred year term rugby league celebration launch and with this is the president of one of the foundation clubs in Toowoomba, and that is brothers Pat Johnson in First of all, congratulations on being president this year for what is a very historical time for you this year. Thank you very much. Right.

Unknown 7:28
Oh, I’m I’m really looking forward to

Unknown 7:34
each new for your familiar administration. The in the in sports trying

Unknown 7:39
to for 20 odd years. So

Unknown 7:42
now I’m really looking forward to it. And

Obee 7:45
it’s probably the bigger challenge than normal coming. And Dr. Ron reporting for power TV and Terrell and Chiara media and we’re here at the hundred years celebrations for the upcoming season 2019 for tomorrow I believe. And we had the pleasure of having the 2018 Premiership winning catch in Britt same moment and okay we got over the season from last year

Unknown 8:09
yeah well and truly it’s

Unknown 8:12
sort of one to 918 and

Unknown 8:17

Unknown 8:20
everything that’s going to go into that it’s going to be huge for the club

Unknown 8:24
for the CRM itself and

Unknown 8:27
we’ll be making a big deal of the POS flies and the president ones and what what goes into the makings of being a centenary club?

Obee 8:39
Yeah, just speaking to President Pat Johnson from fellow

foundation club brothers and you’re going to have 100 year celebration dinner is that my

Unknown 8:50

Unknown 8:53
there’s definitely one coming up and um yeah if you if you are aware you listen to this Mike contact with Liz Mason she’s she’s the one that’s run the show. So but it’s going to be huge one I think at the university we’re going to have a we don’t have enough saving anywhere else. And

Unknown 9:12
yeah it’s it’s it’s a very prayer, clubhouses and

Unknown 9:17
probably a reason that we got over the last year was just that

Unknown 9:21
that proud heritage that we do have

Obee 9:24
I think it was your belief in the end once we sit back and have a look at

September last year I think it was just your belief and let’s keep it simple

Unknown 9:32
yeah well that were believe comes from somewhere now

Unknown 9:38
maybe the gods were looking on us but um,

Obee 9:40
yeah, it’s nice to reflect back in I suppose everyone is one a Premiership you don’t want to have a Hangout but you can still smile looking back at what a fan of

Unknown 9:50
my days it was it was huge yeah we were we put a lot into it and

Unknown 9:56
for for a black look I’m Jason shop who ain’t got injured weeks out with the broken for

Unknown 10:03
these guys five generations back it

Unknown 10:08
was it was whatever it is great, great. Great. Great granddad was the first ever Captain valleys

Obee 10:15
you know, what I thought is young blacks like Richard, Mary and Zach miles just minimized

Unknown 10:19
what culture you had last year, there was huge but

Unknown 10:23
these kids they’re learning from the older ones. And we would love love to have him back I think, Richard the chance of going down in the Mustang set up so that might be good for him. And Zach we’ve we’ve we’re going to have him back next year. And we’re hoping to keep nucleus of what we had and sometimes it’s hard to with work and whatnot but we’ll we’ll just we’ll be there

Obee 10:47
so a lot to celebrate this year. But congratulations you’ve been announced as coach of the south east or Southwest in us catch for the all star game I think it’s the 24th of every you must be very thrilled about that Fred

Unknown 11:01
yeah I am actually it’s it’s you know only a racing they found out about my heritage and

Unknown 11:09
this sort of means it means a fair bit lucky what’s in soldier and

Unknown 11:15
you know, it’s it’s a great weekend on my last year was tied into the NRL trial but this this year, it’s just a standing line. So yeah, I think there’ll be more support from torn between the people just love a good hard game of 40 and then that’s what it will be. And it’s played in good spirits and everyone’s proud to be there and it’s just a great event for timber itself

Obee 11:40
and then on to the season started training already

Unknown 11:44
Yeah, we’ve we’ve started that we haven’t had big numbers but it’s like still in their own thing and yeah, which Yeah, just trying to focus on getting a solid together and get no one so

Brian 11:58
what I

Obee 11:58
learned last year blacks like yourself and Corey blades and other guys didn’t sort of play into the second round and I think there’s some kudos in that you know, and you learn from that but

Unknown 12:10
it’s a different story the next season isn’t there Yeah, well

Unknown 12:14
yeah. Will we know that I’m Cory Cory is going to come back when gravity that is not lazy yeah but yeah we’ve we’ve we’re going to add a cup more think we’re we’ve got some that that we’re working away and they’re going to come back and yeah, we’re just we’re just looking to enjoy and hopefully harness everything in the right direction of what’s going to be a great year.

Obee 12:34
Alright, well, we’ll see you through our preseason review next month. All the best for congratulations on that Cashman

Unknown 12:43
looking well buddy here

Obee 12:44
thanks half them and I used to be sure well done.

Hey guys. I’ll be here from the tumor rugby league for the show. And also our IBM cookie crew team they’re all back next year we’re looking for to the

term Urban League season in its hundredth year celebration and that’s going to be absolutely fantastic we got a lot of surprises for you a lot of new segments and everything blast from the past who speak to a lot of players from the past as well and we’re looking forward to kicking off in mid mid February with the being cookie call and then probably in March for the tumor rugby league for the show on behalf of the team at Tumblr rugby league show and the OB and cookie cool we wish you all the best for Merry Christmas my now a time sometimes Christmases not a good time for a lot of people. Given my men of League foundation connections. We wish them the best over this festive period. But from all of us at the timber rugby league for the show and the being cookie. Cool. Have a great time and we’ll see you next season.



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