On the Spot with Reality 3D Printing

On the Spot with Reality 3D Printing

In this episode of “On the Spot”, Barry interviews the owner of Reality 3D Printing and his tech expert.  Reality 3D printing is a locally-based Toowoomba business producing items printed on 3D printers. The company has produced not only 3D items such as chess pieces but has also been involved in the printing of 3D prosthetics. Showcased in this show is the prosthetic leg printed for a dog who had lost its back leg.  Steven Lewis told me that the possibilities for 3D printing are endless and that already, caravans are being produced by overseas companies and that China has been experimenting with the printing of houses by using a 3D printer loaded up with quick-set cement.

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During the interview for On the Spot with Reality 3D Printing, we talked about the prosthetic limb made for Millie the dog. 

“All right. Now the other thing that I know that you do and Colin you have some input into this as well, I believe is prosthetics and we’ve got a personality here.

What is this? Tell us tell us about this.

This is a to size replica of the prosthetic we made for Millie the Greyhound a puppy who lost one of her left front legs and came to the attention of a friend of mine in Brisbane. He put the the man who owned the dog in touch with Matthew McKnight from Autodesk and Matthew McKnight rallied a few people around to find a way to help Millie. We had to go to a vet to put a cast on Millie and remove it and get it scanned, 3d scanned and then from there they started modeling.


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