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Advertise On Power TV Australia

Television advertising is a powerful medium for getting your message out to a large audience, very fast. When you Advertise with us you get access to a dedicated audience that understands that without you, their favourite shows simply disappear. In addition, we provide viewers with exclusive content, so your ad will be viewed in a space unlike any other.

Benefits of Advertising On Power TV Australia:

Television Advertising

  • Qualified, Ready-to-buy leads Who Are Looking for Your Product.
    Television advertising on our streaming TV station is supported by our streams and posts on Facebook and other social media. ​Because we engage with your social media audience as well as ours, the people who will be watching your ads and shows will be the ones that already love you, and the people they recommend you to.
  • Your Ad Live 24/7 even when we’re not streaming live.
    ​On Power TV Australia’s web channel, your ad is always on.  In addition to regular exposure during our regular programs, we place your ad as an individual clickable link that viewers can access any time, anywhere. 
  • Reach a World-Wide audience
    Across all channels and programs of Power TV, we have a monthly viewing reach of close to 15,000
    ​These viewers are from right across Australia and the world, so your brand or product is getting exceptional exposure to an international audience.
  • Plans That Won’t Break the Bank.
    Think advertising like this is too expensive for you? We can put you across all three streams of traditional radio, streaming TV and social media for around half what you would pay for just local TV advertising.
  • Get found on our web site and our dedicated app.

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