Toowoomba Volunteer Recognition Awards

Toowoomba Volunteer Recognition Awards, 2017.

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Toowoomba Volunteer Recognition awards. On Monday, Power TV Australia attended the Toowoomba Volunteer Recognition Awards day.
The event was held at the Armitage Centre which is part of the Empire Theatre precinct.  It formally recognised the voluntary service of dozens of volunteers serving the Toowoomba region from between 5 years and 50 years, across many different organisations tirelessly serving the Toowoomba public.

Every year, the lifeblood of the community, the volunteers, are formally recognised for their efforts and contribution to the community.

Volunteers are the heart of the community, giving hundreds of hours of time to make those parts of the community work, that would otherwise not happen. Volunteers range from those working in the city library, to those in the Empire Theatre, the Information Centre and the many volunteer events like the annual Anzac Day marches.

Some of the volunteers are quite new and were awarded and recognised for their service in the up to 5 years category, while others were recognised for their contributions for over 50 years. This entire event was recorded by Power TV Australia as part of the In Toowoomba Today show which looks at politics, events and activities in and around the Toowoomba region.

The event was held at the Empire Theatre and was attended by hundreds of volunteers. Councillor Geoff MacDonald emceed the event which was also attended by many other Toowoomba Regional Council Councillors.  The event was preceded by a volunteers morning tea of cakes, scones and tea and coffee, again, provided and delivered by volunteers.

Power TV Australia also recognises the significant contribution these volunteers make to the community and adds our thanks to the recipients.
The show is live this week on the ITT time slot and will then be available on Video on Demand on the In Toowoomba Today page.

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