TRL Footy Show August 10, 2018

The TRL Footy Show August 10, 2018, recorded at the Dalby Leagues Club.

In the TRL Footy Show August 10, panelists discuss the last weekends games and the upcoming semi-finals. This year, the pre-liminary finals begin with a whole Sunday of games to be played back-to-back at Glenholm Park.

The TRL Footy Show is proudly sponsored by Power FM which presents the Obee and Cookie call each week. The show is recorded in front of a live audience every Thursday night at 4.00 pm at the Toowoomba Sports Club. 

Power TV Australia records the show in conjunction with the TRL and also records some of the games during the season.  There are opportunities for businesses to sponsor a show or shows and not only get recognition as a show sponsor, but also to advertise on the show.


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