TRL Grand Final Extras Package

TRL Grand Final Extras Package 2018

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The TRL Grand Final Extras Package is a collection of interviews with players from the winning team (Valleys Roosters) at the end of the 2018 Grand Final.  Interviews were conducted by Nev Cherry and recorded by Power TV Australia as part of the 2018 TRL Grand Final season package.

Introductions by Nev Cherry were recorded live at the Power TV Australia studios and the interviews themselves were conducted at the ground, following the grand final game.  Cherry Pest Control was a major sponsor of the Grand Final show on Power TV Australia.

The TRL Grand Final was filmed by Power TV Australia as part of our connection with the Toowoomba Rugby League and the TRL Footy Show.
This game between Wattles and Valleys was the Grand Final match held at Glenholm park in 2018 during the 99th year of the TRL.  The game was recorded live and includes slo-mo action replays and many other features. In conjunction with Power FM, the commentary was recorded from the live call on the Obee and Cookie Call on Power FM.  Power FM and Power TV Australia have been working together for more than two years, broadcasting sports and events in live streamed simulcasts.  By using a joint broadcast with Power FM’s sound and vision by Power TV Australia, we are able to provide a highly-professional replay of this important game.

The relationship between Power TV Australia, Power FM and the Toowoomba Rugby League will continue in 2019 both in live recordings of the weekly games and also with the TRL Footy Show.



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