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TRL A-Grade Final 2019

Toowoomba Rugby League A-Grade Final between Warwick and Valleys. Full replay with expert commentary and instant replays of TRYs.
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Toowoomba has a long history with Rugby League and the TRL has a complete competition with several teams competing for the championship trophy.

The Toowoomba Rugby League is the Premier Sporting Competition in the Toowoomba Region.
The TRL has 11 member clubs playing in 4 grades from Under 18 to First Grade. Power TV Australia is a partner with the TRL and in conjunction with Power FM, produces and airs the only dedicated regional rugby league show on streaming TV.  The TRL Footy Show airs every week during the TRL season on a Friday morning.

This page is an extension of our relationship with both Power FM and the TRL, where we hi-light regular games during the TRL season.  Each game is broadcast live on Power FM live events on the Obee and Cookie Call. Power TV Australia records games, using the live commentary from the Obee and Cookie Call.

To stay in touch with which games we telecast, be sure to register your details on our subscribers form and download the Power TV Australia app from the Google Play Store.

Here’s some history of the league, taken from the TRL web site:

The Toowoomba Rugby League celebrates 100 historic years in 2019.
Since its formation in 1919, the Toowoomba Rugby League and the players it produced have played a major role in the development of Rugby League in Australia.
It did not take long for Toowoomba to make its mark on the Rugby League world after that initial meeting in 1919 – just five years later a Toowoomba side took on the best provincial and international sides and remained undefeated in an extraordinary two year reign.
Teams fell by the wayside as Toowoomba revolutionised the art of Rugby League with its team orientated game, while Toowoomba dominated Queensland sides were just as successful.
In two years, Toowoomba won 12 games scoring 323 points for and 136 points against, and among the victims were England, New Zealand, New South Wales, South Sydney and Bulimba Cup rivals Ipswich and Brisbane.
Since those early days Toowoomba has produced many great Rugby League champions.
From the ‘invincible’ side came the like of Australian captain Herb Steinohrt, Mick Madsen and the legendary Duncan “The Fox” Thompson.