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Switched On IT – Online Chat Episode 2 Live Chat for Customer Support

” Online Chat Episode 2 – Live Chat for Customer Support”

In the previous episode, Doug and Ray discussed the use of online live chat software as a way of connecting
with customers in a sales environment. In this episode, they take the concept further and discuss the use of online live chat for customer support.Show More
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IT made simple

A Fresh Look at Everything Internet 

Switched On IT is a show that seeks to present IT made simple. With international experts discussing everything from computers to internet safety, SEO, social media marketing, hosting, use of bitcoin and making sense of cyber currencies, to staying safe online and tackling bullying issues.  This show draws on the expertise of the founder of Australia’s largest internet hosting company, Oz Hosting and the Google Small Business Advisor for Productivity based in Washington, DC. In a live feed, Doug and Ray chat together in this unique show that brings a weekly look at all things IT.

With the growing instance of businesses going online and starting online stores among other things, this show looks at all the pitfalls and possibilities these traders need to look at and consider, in order to make the internet safe and successful.  In addition, we look at some of the current issues around keeping kids safe online and the growing incidents of cyber bullying.

This show was created when Power TV Australia engaged Ray Sidney-Smith as a mentor to help drive the exposure of this site and also to leverage our social media presence.  Power TV Australia has had a relationship wit OZ Hosting for many years, both as a host for our web sites and also as host for our clients’ web sites.

The show is recorded every Tuesday in a live feed bringing in presenters from Toowoomba, Sydney and the United States. The show is pre-recorded and then played as part of Power TV Australia’s regular programming every week.  At the end of the week, the show then becomes available on video on demand so that viewers can go back to previous shows and review any information they may have missed.

Future plans for the show include live audience feeds where participants can ask questions of the panel and have current issues looked at by the experts along with some helpful and practical information about how they can improve their sites.