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Contact us using the form above if you have questions or suggestions about Power TV Australia.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll hate not being able to contact us easily.  So, we’ve made it really easy for you by giving you as many options as possible.

Our studio address is above and we’re always happy for you just to call in and see us.  If we happen to be recording at the time, you may have to sit quietly until we’re in a break, but feel free to call in any time.
Our contact information also gives you a direct email address in case you just hate forms, and a phone address if you hate either of the other methods.

Call in and see us some time – we’d love to see you.

Also, please use the contact form to tell us what you think.  Do you love our shows? Do you hate us? Do you think there’s something we could do better, or something we’re not showing that you’d like to see on the station?
Feel free to contact us any time.