TRL (Toowoomba Rugby League) Footy Show for July 6, 2018

Toowoomba Rugby League  Footy Show for July 6, 2018


This is the Toowoomba Rugby League Footy Show for the week of July 16, 2018.  The host of the show was Andrew O’Brien and with him he had our regular panelist, Justin Murphy, a former NRL player who ha also played internationally. Paul Reedy, Manager of the Western Mustangs, also joins the panel and later in the show, the Chairman of the TRL Board, Brian Gilroy joins Obee in “Obees Rant”.

This show was recorded live at the Toowoomba Sports Club on Thursday, July 5th at 4.00 pm in front of a live audience. Our radio partner, Power FM is a regular sponsor of the show, and Geoff Roberts, who is the owner of Power FM, is the Voice Over for the show’s intros.

In this show, the panel discusses the games from the previous weekend, the winners and losers and the TRL ladder and points table.  In this episode, they also discuss the nominees for the Player of the Year awards.  Part of the show is devoted to discussing the Western Mustangs games and also those of the Toowoomba Fillies.

All the games for the upcoming weekend are then discussed and the panel gives their tips for winners of the next round of games.  Finally, Obee takes us on one of his “rants” and for this part of the show he is joined by Brian Gilroy, Chairman of the TRL Board.  The topic they discuss this week centres round the terrible displays at the international basketball tournament and how such behaviour affects players, coaches and the fans.

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